The Psychedelic Social Club
The Psychedelic Social Club
Aubrey Howard (She/Her)

Welcome to The Psychedelic Social Club

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About Us

The Psychedelic Social Club membership is your ultimate container for community, integration, and in-person connection. We are creating spaces where like-minded individuals can come together and connect over the healing power of psychedelic medicine.

Come connect with a diverse community of leaders, thinkers and doers together in ways that promote cross-pollination; open dialogue; drive innovation; leverage resources; foster relationships and inspire expansion of knowledge. We are curating intentional containers in which connection & collaboration can flourish.

At our quarterly events you will have access to playful, and purposeful experiences that are multicultural and intergenerational, with integrated learning opportunities. A monthly reset of your mind and body. Join the movement today!

Why You Should Join Us

Imagine being surrounded by others who understand the healing power of psychedelics and the significance of safe, controlled use. Imagine the relief you feel from sharing your stories and realizing you aren’t alone. We have created a community exactly like that - a place to speak openly about your experience and have it be heard without judgement. A place where you can create deep bonds with other amazing members who believe in the medicinal value of psychedelic substances too.

To get additional value from the membership experience, Psychedelic Social Club members will receive special membership pricing for every event!

Monthly community integration circle hosted by our resident and experienced facilitator, Aubrey Howard. 

A Big Thanks

By joining our community, you allow us to continue creating meaningful and intentional spaces in which we can gather to connect, learn and grow together! We thank you deeply for your support! Our moto is....the people make the experience!